Great brands start with great thinking. But the most successful brands never lose sight of that initial focus; and have the vision to adapt, evolve and, even dramatically change their positioning if necessary. It's exactly the kind of thinking that we share with our best clients, providing them with the strategic direction and brand execution they need to maintain their edge.

It might be a complete packaging redesign or a tiny but dramatically effective tweak to an existing logo. It could be a new suite of retail collateral or a nationwide advertising print campaign. But whatever our recommendation it will always be informed by the same layers of rigorous thinking that we apply to every project, delivering brand solutions that answer marketing objectives – to deliver results you can measure in sales.


The best design is founded on brilliant insight communicated with unexpected brilliance. Ever notice the arrow in the FedEx logo? Have another look. It's there, and it's not there by accident. It's there by design. Intelligent design. The kind of design we love – design with purpose.

As you can imagine, that means that we're just as comfortable working within existing brand guidelines as we are creating new ones. Our design teams apply their expertise across a broad range of projects, from print and web design to retail and company signage – not to mention packaging of course. But no matter what the format, or the typeface, every Mesh design has one consistent characteristic – to be brilliantly effective.


Our reputation as the most experienced packaging design team in Ireland is founded on our long-established relationships with many of the world's most successful brands. Explore our work and you quickly get a sense of the broad nature of our innovative and creative approach to packaging that captures the essence of each brand to create a best-seller.

You see, packaging is so much more than just the box. Anyone can do the box. Or the bottle. Or the jar. But to stand out from hundreds of others on a cluttered shelf. To get consumers to reach for your brand ahead of a competitors. Well, that takes the kind of expertise that ironically enough doesn't come 'off the shelf', but only comes with years of experience.


Areas of expertise...

Brand Identity Design / Packaging Design / Brand Strategy & Positioning / Market Analysis / Brand Architecture / Research / Photography & Styling / Illustration / Naming & Taglines / Brand Voice & Language / Packaging Copy / Innovation & New Concepts / 3D Modelling / Mock Ups / Exhibitions / Print Management / Photoshop / In-Store Theatre / Fleet Livery Design / Website Design / Internal Branding / Structural Design / Literature Design / Video